Giving you peace of mind, before giving us a call and ordering our delicious pizzas, is our top priority! Here are some of the FAQs from our customers to keep you informed.

How is your pizza different than other pizza in the area?

We pride ourselves on making authentic pizza napoletana following the 1,000 year old recipe of making dough with only water, yeast, sea salt and flour. We use highly refined Italian type 0 or 00 wheat flour (Caputo)and San Marzano tomatoes crushed by us. Fior di latte is the mozzarella we use (from cow’s milk) and sometimes we’ll have specials with  mozzarella di Bufala, which is mozzarella cheese made from the milk of water buffalos. The ingredients must be all-natural and fresh. Our pizzas tend to be simpler in ingredients, cooked in a 900 degree oven with nothing more than a 90 second bake.

Why is your pizza soft and not crispy?

Neapolitan pizza is soft and chewy. This may require some getting used to, but only will this texture grow on you, it won’t grow on your hips. Best way to eat our pizza when you dine in is with a fork and knife. And if our pizza is pre-cut for you, just pick up a slice carefully, fold it up like a taco, smell the aroma, and then take that bite that will transport you to Naples, Italy the next second.

How big are your pizzas?

Each pizza is roughly 12-14 inches round, sometimes oval

Do you have any other sizes?

We do have a 6-8 inch pizza for kids. The two choices are cheese or pepperoni

Are these personal pizzas?

For adults these pizzas tend to be a one person show, however, two people could feel satisfied with one as long as there was a salad or an appetizer.

What is the best way to reheat your pizza?

We always recommend eating the pizza right after receiving your order. The freshness of our pizzas will last longer if you request it to be uncut. If the pizza has not been eaten by the next day, 3 minutes at 350 degrees will work just fine.

Can we call our order in ahead of time?

Yes, we suggest calling and placing an order 2-3 hours ahead of time so we can reserve a pick-up time slot. You can also direct message us on Facebook or Instagram, and we will call you back during available times.

What are the best times to call with the least amount of wait time to wait?

If you call between 1-3 p.m. that is our secret golden time where we can make you your pizzas in a flash.

Are you selling only pizza?

Currently, we are serving pizzas, salads, and drinks from this MENU. Once we are allowed to fully open our restaurant, we’ll have the full menu which includes some amazing pastas, desserts, and more!

How do I go about safely getting my pizza?

1). You can place an order via phone or online order (coming soon).

2). Your completed order will be placed at the front pick-up table inside the restaurant.

3). If you prefer curbside, please provide the contact name and vehicle description. We’ll bring it out to you.

How are you practicing safe CDC guidelines in your store?

Our staff wear masks at all times and use gloves when appropriate. Sanitation is our highest priority and we limit our capacity to 8 people including our employees. We also highly encourage everyone to practice social distancing within the restaurant parameter and show off your cool masks.

Can I place an order via voicemail on your phone?

Unfortunately, we are not able to check our voicemails until the next day. We can’t guarantee any quick responses during business hours.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately, we are not doing any deliveries at the moment.

Do you have social media so we can follow?

Yes, please check out our social media accounts below:

Are you sure the dough is gluten-free?



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