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Starting March 1st we will no longer allow food customizations. Dishes will be served as they are in respect to our food's culture and tradition. Thank you.

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La Sorrentina started out in a shiny blue food cart located over on 78th street in Hazel Dell, and we joined another food cart pod over at the Hazel Dell Commons shortly after. Our food truck was the perfect introduction of pizza Napoletana to our amazing Vancouver WA community. It was the perfect springboard into what is now our restaurant. 

Daisuke was born in Osaka, Japan but was raised on Southern Italian cuisines. His father, Tomio Matsumoto, was one of the first Italian chefs in Japan and a champion chef that won a cooking competition in the early 70’s. Daisuke was encouraged to study law and Judo, but his aspiration was to own a Southern Italian restaurant. With his goals set, he created Pizzeria La Sorrentina as his journey begins.


FALL Happy Hour

2 P.M. to 5 P.M. Wednesday through Saturday

Dine-In Only


FALL Happy Hour Deals


$10.00 Salads: Caesar & House

$2.00 off Regular Pizzas

$1.00 off Desserts

$1.00 off Glass Wines and Tap beers


Pizzeria La Sorrentina

About Our Restaurant

La Sorrentina means Little Sorrento, and its origin is Sorrento, Italy. This is where chef and owner, Pizzaiolo Daisuke Matsumoto,  trained and worked. Dishes at Pizzeria La Sorrentina range from pizza napoletana, house-made pasta, to desserts and they all represent the Campania region of Italy. We hope you feel the passion and warmth when you enjoy our meals. Our wish is to provide you a similar culinary experience as if you were sitting in a trattoria in Sorrento.