Daisuke (Dice-K) Matsumoto is a chef, pizzaiolo and co-owner of La Sorrentina Pizzeria. Although a native from Osaka, Japan, Daisuke has always been raised in the Italian cuisine world. His own father, one of the first Italian chefs in Japan opened up a restaurant roughly 35 years ago in Nishinomiya, Japan where Daisuke fell in love with all types of pasta & simple sauces. .  Despite the fact that Daisuke’s parents encouraged him to attend Sendai University, study criminal justice and compete both in national and world judo world; at age 30 Daisuke quit it all and focused solely on Italian cuisine. Love also played an important role in Daisuke’s career as he met now wife and co-owner, Amy Hernández Matsumoto  in Nishinomiya, Japan. Once married and living in the United States Daisuke wanted to train and focus solely on Southern Italian cuisine. When given the opportunity, Daisuke spent 6 months living and training under Biagio Longo in Sorrento, Italy and then working at Ristorante Pizzeria Tasso. Here is where he had found his calling. He knew that one day he too would open up his own pizzeria e trattoria. Fast forward to many culinary jobs later starting in Yakima, WA to the PDX and Seattle area, Daisuke opened up a food cart back in 2015. For four successful years he ran the food cart himself introducing authentic pizza napoletana to the PNW area. Once he outgrew the cart, and customers kept asking for more….Daiuske knew it was time. A dream 15 years in the making, in March of 2020 a brick-n-mortar came to fruition only to be shut down by covid. No worries. Daisuke is a true fighter and knows the gift of patience. Currently, under phase 2 in Vancouver, WA Daisuke is still putting out pizzas in his oven brought over from Naples, Italy and he’s now pushing out more pastas, desserts, coffee, & wine all representative of Southern Italy.