Please welcome our new take-out/hostess girl, Alexandra (Sasha). This young girl is a Vancouver native; however, her parents are from Siberia and she is a proud Russian & English speaker. A recent Mountain View High graduate πŸŽ“ , Sasha will be starting Clark College in the fall & plans to study either architecture or accounting. Growing up Sasha was an ice skater before she decided to focus solely on dance. Ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary & musical theater are her current dance areas. When she is not dancing, volunteering at her church or hiking, she is at home watching a movie & eating a pint of ice cream. Why La Sorrentina? β€œI wanted to find a job where it was warm, fun & welcoming. I knew this might be that place. Plus, i was hoping my first job would help bring me out of my comfort zone & teach me strong communication skills, and this place definitely does.” What pizza would Sasha recommend? β€œThe primavera. I like the arugula & the cherry tomatoes.” Where does Sasha see herself in ten years? β€œI hope to be in a stable job & possibly married?????? Please add the ? Marks.” As of now, we are just so pleased to have Sasha with us.