Please meet sweet Amanda. This young lady was born & raised in Philadelphia & has been living on the West Coast for almost a year come August.
On a whim, with her significant other, Amanda loved the lure of the PNW, & she is so happy with the decision. She quickly noted how the people seem so relaxed & friendly out here, & she loves the west coast summers as well as exploring all the fabulous places to take a hike with her two dogs Chip & Dale (Chocolate lab & Black lab collie mix).
Working as a bartender, Amanda got her associates degree in criminal justice, but once she moved to PDX her passion changed. Now she is very interested in opening up her own dog boarding / daycare that provides basic training for dogs dealing with anxiety. Her own dogs & their needs since moving out here have been her biggest inspiration for this new career.
In the meantime, Amanda is pleased to be with us at La Sorrentina as she automatically felt a part of our family & comfortable with our small crew & delicious food.
When asked what her favorite pizza is she automatically responded the prosciutto & arugula.
In regards to her future...of course her doggy business is her dream, but within the next few years if she could also grow her skills in the management field that would make her a happy camper!
We are just very fortunate to have lil’ miss sunshine with us. Our team loves her bubbly kind personality & character. You’ll meet Amanda if you get a chance to dine-in with us.