Meet the co-owner Amy Hernández Matsumoto. Aka Ms. Mats or the Mrs. Dice-k.
Amy’s been with La Sorrentina, well, since it was a voiced dream of her & Dice-K’s since 2004 & yet had a name.
For years though & still now Amy will say she is first & foremost a teacher. A proud WSU graduate back in 1998 & exchange student from ITESO in Guadalajara, México, Amy has been teaching ever since then-starting in Seoul, Korea at an international School-then at Wenatchee HS, Quincy MS, In Nishinomiya, Japan (where she met Daisuke), Wapato MS & now in Vancouver, Wa at Wyeast MS. First, she started out as an English Language Learner teacher, but now in the past years she has dedicated herself to develop Evergreen’s first ever middle school dual immersion program & full Spanish program from 6th-8th grade as well as helping Daisuke in the food cart & opening up their recent brick-n-mortar.
What is the best part of working at La Sorrentina? “The customers. For me, it’s all about the people, our growing Sorrentina family, & feeling a part of the community. And of course, getting to see all my students past & present now more than ever. Mis chiquitines!!!”
Not experienced at all in the kitchen, nor wanting to be, Amy loves being out front greeting & talking with everyone.
Outside of La Sorrentina Amy loves spending time with her three shih tzus, helping her students raise $ to take them on yearly trips to Latin American countries (sadly Perú trip was cancelled due to the rona this summer), studying languages & culture & anything Hello Kitty.
What is Amy’s pizza recommendation? “I love the Chief. It is my new fave. I love artichokes, & the Chief has that with some spice! Yes! “
Where does Amy see herself in 5 years? “Owning & running my own international café with a multilingual kid/juvenile books section, an area for students to study & host small group project study sessions, we’d offer international desserts & street food from Korea, Japan, Mexico, & sell Italian gelato. A place where people can come together to explore culture through food & possibly host language learning sessions”
Until then, Amy will make sure La Sorrentina stays afloat & can prosper through hard work. @ La Sorrentina