Meet Marrion (Aka Marrionberry) This young lady was hired on with us back in early March & helped us get to a soft opening before closing. We are so grateful that she can now come back with us & help continue to lead the way.
Miss Marrion was born & raised in Stockton, California. Due to her experience growing up in the foster care system, Marrion always looked & reached for those opportunities to help keep her moving forward. And when she became a mother of two beautiful children, her & her significant other knew that they needed to make sure their kids had even more better & brighter opportunities than they did. Hence, they chose Vancouver, Wa to be their new home.
This young creative being is known for recommending great books, thinking up great ideas for la Sorrentina, hanging with her kids & family & being that great DJ for the home parties.
When asked why Marrion chose la Sorrentina she reiterated the family vibe, but also stated, “I could see in your eyes you saw potential in me & I felt that with you guys I would be able to learn a lot & grow as a person.” (Waterworks 😢)
What is her favorite part so far about working at La Sorrentina? “I just love your customers. They are all so interesting & kind. They just make us feel so appreciated. I love learning about them like Don & Cheryl from Happy valley, Oregon. I really get to know who the customers are. (Ok more waterworks 💦)
Where does Marrionberry (the only one that can play pizza pranks on Daisuke) see herself in 10 years?
“I really dream about being a reconstructive plastic surgeon-owning a gorgeous home in Camas, Wa overlooking the Columbian River.”
Um, hell yeah! Ok. Our medical field customers, please help me encourage her to make this dream a reality & gift her pointers on how to get started!!!!
If you meet Marrion in person, you will also all see what we saw in her-only greatness, a welcoming & inviting personality, & the hugest smile that we had to showcase without a mask!
We count our lucky stars ⭐️ & pennies for having Marrion as a part of our team. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.