Meet the baby of our Sorrentina Family Eleni (Leni). This girl came to us through recommendation of a teacher. Once we met her & her love for all things food, we knew she had to be a part of our team.
Born & raised in Vancouver, Wa this Union High Senior will be attending Boise state in the fall looking forward to majoring in Psychology with a minor in español & Family Studies. Until then this running start Clark College graduate will be working two part-time jobs in order to help pave her way through college.
When not recommending the prosciutto with arugula pizza you may find Leni drawing art on pizza boxes, hiking, hanging out in nature, giggling or eating all things chocolate.
Once we saw her past mural work we knew she would be the one to add two different art pieces we want in our space before the end of summer.
When asked why she wanted to work at La Sorrentina she replied, “Right when you walk in you feel the warmth air wrap around you, it’s like being with family. Everyone is fun & great!” Well, we feel the same about Leni. Everyone loves working with her because she just makes us laugh.
Where does Leni see herself in 10 years? Working as a therapist in an elementary school or in her own practice. Double plus, mixing in art therapy for children.
Our time is limited with Leni, so we are just so happy to be open again & get to actually work with her. @eleniphillips know you will always have a spot with us during summers.
You will be forever in our pizza heart.