Introducing Bryce-one of our jack of all trades. This commercial electrician student & Skyview High School graduate was recommended to us by a trustworthy community member. In order to help pay his schooling, he was brought on as a dishwasher. However, due to Bryce’s work ethic & flexibility we are slowly introducing him to other aspects of the heart of the house.
-This sports aficionado & long time soccer player also enjoys bowling 🎳 & hopes to join a league once we can all be in the clear.
When asked why he decided to work with us at La Sorrentina he replied, “truthfully, I’m an introvert & I always thought that working in a restaurant would help bring me out of my shell & encourage me to meet & talk with others.” No worries Bryce, with all our craziness we will definitely get you talking!
-What has been something he has enjoyed so far being with La Sorrentina? “I have really enjoyed learning about the history & culture behind the food. That is something I didn’t expect. I had only been introduced to more northern Italian foods.” We have enjoyed seeing how he is the only one to gain Chef Dice-K’s trust in using his imported slicer.
What is his favorite la Sorrentina pizza? The Luigi with pepperoni.
-One thing that always stood out to us about Bryce was in the before training stages one thing he challenged us with as a team was to participate in the Hood to Coast relay. Um. Maybe?!
Where does Bryce see himself in 10 years? Working as a Master Journeyman or an Inspector. Are any of our customers in this field? We know Bryce would enjoy talking to you for encouragement.
In the meantime, we are so excited to have Bryce with us while he’s pursuing his career. Before then, Daisuke wants to train him on being a master pizzaiolo:)