Please meet Avery. This young lady was hired on as one of our servers. It was going to be her first time working the front of the house, as she had previous experience in the heart ❤️ of the house, however with the first 6 days of being open with us here-this girl is leading the way!
Miss Avery is a true Vancouverite born & raised. She even attended Wyeast Middle when Mrs Dice-k was there, but fortunately/unfortunately was never a student of hers. A proud Mountain View graduate this past motocross state competitor now spends her time hiking, hanging by the river, creating awesome tik tok dances & going crazy over puppies. She is the one that if you ever hear a squeal in the parking lot, know it’s because she has spotted your dog!
When asked why she wanted to work at La Sorrentina Pizzeria, she quickly answered, “It’s because I could tell you were truly a family oriented & run business. I just felt so happy & excited during the interview & knew that I could learn a lot about culture & history of traditional Italian food.”
Where does miss Avery see herself in 10 years? Working as a dental hygienist. And since the Matsumoto’s strongly believe in higher education we are going to make sure she makes this goal come to fruition.
In the meantime, we are timing her box making skills & seeing if she can get to 50 boxes in a minute so we can take her to compete in the Las Vegas International Pizza Expo whenever we can go again. Until then she is also working towards getting 6,000 steps in a day running pizzas out to you!
Avery’s la Sorrentina recommendation? Quattro Formaggi. It’s all about the 4 cheeses for her!
We are so honored & proud of our Avery. We love having her here, & seeing how in 6 days she has transitioned into this new role so quickly. Daisuke appreciates her because he will only let her make his coffee for him. In fact, our whole crew sees her walks in & pleads her to make Avery Coffee.
Thank you Avery for joining our La Sorrentina family. We are so grateful to you.