First off, We cannot guarantee fully avoiding cross-contamination as all pizzas are made in the same facility & cooked in the same oven. However, there are certain steps we take that make our gluten-free pizzas rise above many others.

1) Dice-K spent two months perfecting how to make the most gluten-free pizza Napoletana using @mulinocaputo #fioreglut flour. This flour is gold!

2) “Are you sure this is really gluten-free dough?” is one of the main questions we receive (FAQs). Our answer to you will always be “YES!” Gluten-free dough is prepared separately from other dough with its own mixer.

3) Our Oven can fit up to 4 pizzas; However, we will never mix a gluten-free pizza with other types of pizzas. Because gluten-free dough burns easily and takes a bit more time to bake, it requires more attention and must rotate with precision in the oven.

4) Our gluten-free pizzas are cut with their own special cutter if you are concerned. Boxes are appropriately labeled.

5) A regular pizza takes approximately 3 minutes from start to finish. Our gluten-free pizza takes 9 minutes, and currently only Daisuke can make it.

We know our gluten-free customers appreciate eating amazing pizzas, and we are happy to provide that for them. You can also thank our sweet friend @rubygallagher for encouraging Daisuke to master it. She told him she knew he could, & he did.

We have tripled our production of gluten-free pizzas. Please note it will take a bit longer to make! Check out our MENU!