Pickup/Curbside Take-out Menu

3000 SE 164th Ave. Suite 107 Vancouver, WA 98683

During peak dinner hours, we may have to suspend take-out orders due to high volume. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. As we also have a full house during these times, we can only manage a limited number of take-out orders in the evening. If it is more convenient for you, please consider calling in advance to schedule a later take-out time. Thank you.

Call to Order: (360) 314-4447

Every week Daisuke will drum up at least two different baked pasta dishes/meals. Please follow us on social media @lasorrentinavw on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see the latest specials. Please check social media for any last-minute specials created by Chef Daisuke Matsumoto!



Wild octopus, potatoes, lemons, green olives, cherry tomato & olive oil


Greens, artichokes, tomatoes, olives with sea salt, EVOO & vinegar


Romaine lettuce, croutons & grana with caesar dressing

Fried light and crisp – served with tempura vegetables & shrimp

Baked flat pizza dough, oregano, EVOO and sea salt

Sautéed clams in white wine & parsley with garlic crostini

Fresh burrata, 16 month prosciutto from parma, & black pepper on bed of arugula


Three small deep fried pizza doughs finished with Pesto, Ragu & tomato sauce



Cavatelli pasta, anchovy broccoli sauce with bread crumbs

Oven baked gnocchi with tomato sauce, mozzarella & grana


Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, grana, creamy mozzarella & pecorino


Spaghetti with clams, lime zest, light chili flakes & cherry tomatoes


Large tube paccheri noodles with shellfish. Seafood paradise!


Linguine with black olives & octopus stew – Santa Lucia style

Ziti with Neapolitan style Sunday meat ragu with tender pork rib & pecorino

Pizze: Red Sauce Based


Deep fried calzone stuffed with mozz, ricotta, tomato sauce, black pepper & fried pork belly


Mozz, basil and grana. Super good


*Spicy* | Mozz, salami, garlic, calabrian peppers, red chili flakes & grana


Mushrooms, ham, artichokes, black olives, mozz & grana

Mozz, smoked mozz, thinly sliced prosciutto & grana. THE BEST!

Cherry tomato, garlic, basil & oregano


Black olives, capers, anchovies, garlic, oregano, calabrian peppers & red chili flakes

Buffalo mozz, basil & grana. The best

Sausage, caramelized onions, mozz, & grana


Smoked ham, mushrooms, mozz, smoked mozz & grana


Mozz, pepperoni & grana

Stuffed with Ricotta, ham & pepperoni, mozz & black pepper. Topped with tomato sauce & basil

Pizze: White Sauce Based


Cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, mozz & grana

Sausage, potatoes, roasted peppers, mozz, smoked mozz & grana. No tomato sauce recommended


Sliced eggplant, sausage, smoked mozz, grana & basil pesto

Mozz, smoked mozz, ricotta, grana & gorgonzola drizzle with white truffle infused wild honey


Fresh burrata, smoked mozz, cherry tomatoes, pesto, arugula, & grana


Artichokes, olives, capicollo, grana, mozz & smoked mozz with red pepper sauce


Escarole, eggplant, olives, artichokes, mozz & grana


Mozz, mortadella, pistacchio, ricotta & pesto

Cherry toms, mozz, smoked mozz – topped with arugula, prosciutto & grana

Additional Toppings

Dessert Pizza

A traditional calzone but filled with Nutella & ricotta cheese in the center. And yeas, it oozes!


All pizzas except for calzones can be made with gluten free dough for an additional $3.00 charge. We can’t guarantee that cross contamination of regular flour won’t occur as all pizza is cooked in the same oven.


A traditional calzone but filled with Nutella & ricotta cheese in the center. And yeas, it oozes!

*Gluten Free | Chocolate flourless almond cake


Crispy deep fried pastry shells filling with sweet ricotta cheese.


Small deep fried pizza dough balls coated with cinnamon sugar, Nutella and pistachio


Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Water | Orange | Pomegranate | Prickly Pear | Clementine


Alcoholic Beverages (Canned Beers)


Wine - Red


This is a very special organic wine from Salerno, Compania. It is my favorite grape of all time. It’s bold, full body and a fantastic wine to pair with a red sauce pizza, pasta or a nice lamb. (14% ALC)

$100/bottle only

Cherry, violet, wild berries and distinctive spicy aroma

$11/Gl or $38/Bot

Sweet, plum and peppery flavors.

$38 Bottle only
$8/GL or $32/Bot

Wine - White

$10/Glass $30/Bot

Easily drinkable dry sparkling wine. Organic. The racy acidity gives me a crisp quality feel. (11.5% ALC)

$38 Bottle only

Honeyed notes, spice and tropical fruit flavors


Chef Daisuke’s favorite white grape!! Apple, pear and stony minerality


Dark lemon, gold color, and a citrus flav

$40 Bottle only
$8/GL or $32/Bot
$9/Gl or $32/bot
$11/Gl or $40/bot