Ricardo (Ric)

Please meet our back of the house magician Ricardo (Ric). Ric has been with us since, well, the week before we tried to open the 1st time back in March, but really didn’t get to return until we started our dine-in service. Highly recommended by past coworkers at the Heathman Lodge Ric is becoming Daisuke’s right hand man in all things pastas, appetizers, kitchen.
A Phoenix, Arizona nativex, Ric moved to the #vanwa area roughly 5 years ago as he needed a change & sought to find a wonderful place to raise his children. He has not regretted the decision once.
He loves not only all the amazing outdoor activities & trails he can take his children on, but he feels that out in the PNW the food culture is way different than in Arizona.
A graduate of Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, Ric feels here many restaurants take more pride in creating house-made dishes where one can truly develop their culinary skills & gain the right kind of knowledge about the food & where it comes from.
A past #lasorrentinavw food cart customer-Ric was so excited to jump on the opportunity to work with us. One thing that he has really enjoyed so far? “Learning about the pastas & the simplicity of the recipe, yet the flavors are so great.” Of course Ric is a fan of all things pizza, but there is something about Daisuke’s lasagna that he just loves…
Where does Ric see himself in 10 years? “In all honestly, I would love to own some land, and be able to just smoke meats. Possibly even have my own type of meat store, but for now, I just want to improve. I want to be the best version of me now as a father & also a cook. If & when others stop enjoying what I put out in front of them on their plate, then I will need a change.”
Well, for us, we are definitely not ready to lose the Ric Master anytime soon as he is just so supportive to all staff, a seriously fast learner, passionate about food & the process of making it (which is what we love) & just an all around humble & cool 😎 cat.
There isn’t a weekend that hasn’t gone by with dine-in that a staff member hasn’t said, “if it wasn’t for Ric, I would have been behind.”
Thank you Ric for being you & a part of our #lasorrentinavwcrew